World Food Day: Is A #ZeroHunger World Possible By 2030?

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October 16 is "World Food Day" and this year, whilst over 800 million people languish in some level of hunger, the big question on the mind of experts is "if a Zero Hunger world is possibly achievable by 2030?" The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations believes very strongly that the feat is achievable but our actions today and moving forwards will just have to determine our future in regards to food security; thus the theme of this all important day this year- "OUR ACTIONS ARE OUR FUTURE"!

Global Hunger Index statistics reveal that the African continent is worse hit by the global hunger crisis, with a large portion of the continent said to be affected by serious hunger - as depicted in the map below. Whilst basic hunger has been defined in some quarters as "a condition in which a person or group of persons is/are unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs", we do know that, the inability to afford whatever you fancy as food, whenever you feel like it or even get satisfying quantity when you want it, is another form of hunger. According to The Hunger Project, "hunger, poverty and food prices are inextricably linked" and if you have ever lived in the third world, you will realise how ridiculous food prices get compared to the inflow of income; thus the level of serious hunger/ food insecurity noted after several surveys. Can we really achieve a "Zero Huger World by 2030"?

Though the Global Hunger Index is said to be on a decline, which is a good sign, a significant number of the world's population still live in some form of hunger with innocent children being the most vulnerable. Malnutrition related diseases are the consequence of this sad fact. If people are still reported to die from conditions like:Protein Energy Malnutrition and Kwashiokor (extreme carbohydrate lack) around some parts of the world in this 21st Century, then we have a serious issue on our hands because every single death is one-too-many. All you need do is empathise by assuming it was a member of your family lost and you will understand better.

Though the hunger crisis always seems to outshine the appreciation of good food on such a day, today still remains World Food Day 2018 and we must appreciate the fact that, there is a wide range of great and healthy food that can be made available to people for them to choose whatever they fancy, whenever they want it. For me personally, fruits and vegetables with some wonderful piece of animal protein to go with it, are fast becoming my favourite  when it comes to a combination of food choices.  That is not to say, I do not enjoy a lovely African dish of traditional oil based or pumpkin and vegetable soup with something to swallow and numerous forms of animal protein to spice up the meal. What is your favourite?

With regards to the "Zero Hunger" question, the best we can do for now is remain optimistic and continue to make concerted efforts to see how are positive actions today, can lead to a food secure future.

 For up to date information on global efforts towards food security and more on the magnitude and effects of the food shortage/hunger problem, visit the references below. Thank you for your time. Do well to remained healthy until we see you for our next article. Also do well to drop a feedback in the comment section below. Your opinion means the world to us.

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