World Diabetes Day 2018:What You Should Know About Prevention As A Family - INFOGRAPHIC

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What will "World Diabetes Day" be without talking prevention where possible? With approximately 150 million persons said to be living with the the condition worldwide, concerted efforts must be taken by families to prevent the numbers from getting to over 500 million by 2030 but just like any other thing in life, the factors that put people at risk of becoming Diabetic must be clearly understood, for preventive measures to be focused appropriately and eventually effective. The International Diabetes Federation Infographic below outlines some risk factors clearly.

Except for family history, the other risk factors enumerated above can be influenced by LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION, towards prevention of Diabetes Mellitus. Funny enough, one stone can be used to cause a positive ripple effect in this all important prevention drive and that's all shades of amazing, isn't it? Those who are overweight/obese must begin to exercise at least 30 minutes per day for at least 3 days of every week. This must be supported with a healthy diet mix of: daily portions of fruits; vegetables/salads regularly; fish and low salt with blood pressure control medications where necessary for those who are hypertensive. With all of this, it must be clearly stated that, being an occasional sweet tooth is very much allowed but moderation is key because you do not want to experience the repercussion of too much indulgence and sing the "had I know melody" to your regretting heart.

Prevention is certainly better than cure so, that's no doubts the way to go. Instead of going about it individually however, this World Diabetes Day, a family approach is being advised as an injury to one is practically an injury to all. Go on exercise walks together as a family. Couples should have more sex. The family diet should be sanitised as a unit and very importantly, routine hospital visits at least once or twice a year just for wellness sake, should be imbibed as family culture. For more information about World Diabetes Day 2018 and Diabetes Mellitus, click into the resources/References below.

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