TRIBUTE TO KENNY ROGERS:My First Auditory Appointment With Legendary Old Roger.

Kenny Rogers - 👀:

The news of the death of all time, multi-genre music  great, Kenny Rogers, hit the air waves about 2 weeks ago and as fans from all over the world continue to pay their respect, I decided to write a short tribute, with very vivid memories of my first auditory appointment with Legendary Old Roger. "On a faithful warm summer's eve, he got on a train bound to nowhere, where he met up with a gambler and discovered that, they were both too tired to sleep; so they took turns at staring at the darkness out the window, when the boredom  overtook them and the gambler began to speak". I might have been only 6 years old at the time but the smooth, deep voice filtering into my ears from my Grandfather's stereo, made me feel like, I certainly needed to be part of this meeting and that is how I learnt very early on in life that, you could "read people's faces by the way they held their eyes"!

To say Kenny Rogers was a Legend is an understatement! With every other song, came a vital lesson for me! Even if I wasn't considered the coward of my Local Government Area like Tommy, the mistaken County coward, that song sparked up a light in many underrated lads, that words could not express!

He was reported to have breathed his last at the age of 81, on 20th March, 2020 at Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States and though, he may have passed on to another world like an Island carried away by a stream, his Legacy will be remembered for many years to come and so will his voice in our fondest auditory memories.

Kenny Rogers|YouTube

Kenny Rogers 1938 - 2020

Kenny Rogers: Country music legend dies aged 81|BBC


  1. What a legend. RIP good Sir 🙏

  2. Roger and Dolly had the most amazing duet chemistry.. one of the best in the industry. RIP Roger.