TENNIS:How Naomi Osaka Surprised Fans To Become US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion!

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 If you are a true Tennis Fan, then it's no longer news to you that Naomi Osaka is the US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion. The big mystery is how she managed to pull that unbelievable come back, losing the first set 1-6 to initially furnace blazing and 2-time Grand slam winner, Victoria Azarenka; and then going on to finally win the game: 1-6, 6-3, 6-3!Age related fitness? Athleticism? Determination? What was the magic?

Image by: Simon Bruty/USTA

Whatever the case may be, the mixed shock/inspiration of this feat by Naomi Osaka made me snap out from the writers block I had been suffering from. Work got really busy and suddenly, I could not find any mental space to write until, demonstration of sheer determination and good Tennis made the blood vessels in my brain overflow with inspiration.

Massive congratulations to Naomi Osaka and her Team. 3 Grand slam trophies on the shelf at 22 years of age and $3 million US Dollars added to overall price money wins. Absolutely astonishing! Let's wait to see what the Men's Final between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev has to offer later today.


Naomi Osaka Rallies Past Victoria Azarenka To Win 2020 US Open Women's Single Title|USOPEN

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