FOOD: Diaries Of A Transformed Yuletide Turkey In Pictures!

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This Turkey had to experience the transformation of spicy baptism. Her predecessors from 2018 and 2019 had been through failed attempts to get the spices soaked deep into their bulky protein mass. Could Turkey ever be seasoned in such a way that, every strand of the meat told a scintillating story to the tase buds of the very critical food critic?

The above image speaks for itself! Seasoned with pepper and every edible spice our hand could reach in our Kitchen, myself and Eri set to work 48 hours before grill day and you bet, we were happy with the results. The taste buds settled down in delight, as the tasty, masticated Turkey made contact. This would have made a critic's delight by every standard of Master Chef Cookery.

Instead of featuring in a Cooking show, this transformed bird blessed our plates with our most tasty Turkey yet and what a delight it was. 😋! I couldn't help but document this piece of culinary history made in our local kitchen. This year was in a lane of its own on different levels but next year/2021 promises to be a year of amazing culinary experiences, that will be documented in this platform. Let's keep safe and stay in touch. Wishing you all a delicious 2021 ahead. 

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