BIG BROTHER NAIJA 2017: Money First or Fitness- What's The 411? #BBnaija !

After 11 years, the "Big Brother" Franchise of the most populous nation in Africa is back. Yes, "Big Brother Naija 2017" started yesterday and I am particularly impressed at the way Housemates filed out this morning to partake fully in a power packed aerobic session,led by Ekem, the Mr. Macho of the House. Even Bisola, the Actress and mother of one let no move pass her by, despite giving a past medical history of recent removal of an injured/inflamed appendix (appendectomy). Seems a muscle pull finally got the best of her though. Forgive our poke nosing but our gossip antenna picked the past medical history up and wouldn't let it slip.  Why are we even writing about this gist?

 Well, this year all the Housemates at the Launch yesterday, specifically indicated their priority to be the N25million cash prize but as at this morning, one thing seemed to be obvious- they all recognise that, if you don't keep fit till whenever, then you may have to leave for medical attention and there goes the cash,yeah? Smart thinking I must say. So to answer the caption question,"money first or fitness-what's the 411?"- Brethren,your guess is certainly as good as mine. We will continue to follow as much as we can and gossip about health related matters arising as much as possible. You can be sure there will always be something to gist about;as long as a group of strangers are kept in one crib to commune together for 12 weeks. Let the fun continue.